What is a cannabis extract?

"Cannabis extracts are products containing concentrated cannabinoids and are much more potent than cannabis flowers. For decarboxylation to occur, cannabis extracts must be smoked or vaporized. Below is a list of many cannabis extract subtypes:

  • Kief: Powdery accumulation of trichomes from handling the plant.
  • Hash: Solid ball of sticky resin.
  • Water Hash: Processed similarly to hash, refined through cold water exposure.
  • Oil: Sticky, honey-like consistency processed using solvents like Butane, or non-solvents like CO2.
  • Wax: Earwax consistency yielded by whipping oil during the purging stage of the extraction process.
  • Crumble: Very potent wax concentrated into a crumbly consistency.
  • Honeycomb: Very potent cannabis concentrate named for its porous structure.
  • Shatter: Semi-transparent with a brittle consistency, a highly-refined version of hash oil in which several steps are taken to remove as much plant matter and solvent residue as possible.
  • Disposable Vaporizer: Strain-specific, one-time use vaporizer pens.
  • Vaporizer Cartridge: Strain-specific, one-time use cartridges for standard vaporizer pens.

For further cannabis extract exploration, check out our blog post on extracts and concentrates."