How much cannabis do I need to consume in order to feel the effects?

"Every individual responds differently to cannabis, and it is important that you know how your body responds when you are medicating.

If you are just beginning to use cannabis, always start with a very small amount. The best practice is to wait for at least an hour after your first small dose before you consume more. This helps to better measure the spectrum of effects that cannabis has on your body. It is important to remember that when you consume cannabis, the amount you need to feel most comfortable may be dramatically larger or smaller than the amount a fellow patient needs to feel the effects.

When consuming cannabis flowers, take your time and try not to smoke more than can fit on your fingernail during your first sitting. If you are consuming cannabis edibles or extracts, make sure to know the content of cannabis within your product. First-time cannabis patients should not take more than 10-15mg until they have become comfortable with the effects. If you have been using cannabis, you may need to consume more in order to reach your preferred level of relief. Just remember, you can always eat more, so be patient and see where that first bite takes you."