Frequently Asked Questions for Dispensary

What are the best practices for managing my dispensary listing?

"Cannabis Reports provides cannabis dispensaries with tools that make it easy to maintain an accurate menu. Instantly update your online menu by selec ... "

Why doesn't Cannabis Reports sell advertising space?

"Cannabis Reports does not sell advertising space. Ads distract users from the enjoyment of exploration. Keeping Cannabis Reports simple is an impor ... "

What is the best way to contact Cannabis Reports about our dispensary listing?

"You can contact Cannabis Reports through several channels, all available on our contact page. Our business hours are Monday through Friday, from 9am ... "

What support does Cannabis Reports provide for cannabis dispensaries?

"Cannabis Reports offers personal support for cannabis dispensaries and delivery services in need of technical assistance. Our team will quickly answe ... "

What is a dispensary account?

"Dispensaries and delivery companies need a platform to display their menus. Other services do just that, and not a whole lot more. When consumers exp ... "