What is the Universal Cannabis Product Code (UCPC)?

"The Universal Cannabis Product Code system is how the Cannabis Reports database catalogues the many different cannabis strains and products. We believe everyone deserves access to better cannabis information, and that starts with the ability for consumers and businesses to identify products by specific attributes involved in production.

The UCPC is a 25 digit combination of letters and numbers, with each five digits representing a different attribute:

Each product is catalogued as: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

Which denotes: seed company - strain - producer - product - batch

Example product: CYGU9-4JYKY-UY9V7-TAFL2-00000

Attribute Section of the UCPC Actual UCPC for Attribute
Seed Company CYGU9-4JYKYUY9V7TAFL200000 Serious SeedsCYGU900000000000000000000
Strain CYGU9-4JYKY-UY9V7TAFL200000 AK-47 by Serious SeedsCYGU94JYKY000000000000000
Producer CYGU94JYKY-UY9V7-TAFL200000 BumbleBee: 0000000000UY9V700000000000
Product CYGU94JYKYUY9V7-TAFL2-00000 Serious Seeds AK-47 Disposable Vaporizer from BumbleBeeCYGU94JYKYUY9V7TAFL200000
Batch ID CYGU94JYKYUY9V7TAFL2-00000 N/A - This is the parent listing for the product. This product does not have a batch, but information can be stored to account for multiple batches of the same product.

Every unique cannabis item, down to the batch of production, can now have information tied directly to it, like lab tests, availability, reviews, and market data. More information on how the UCPC system interacts with the Cannabis Reports API can be found within our API documentation."