The Elevated Bakery

The Elevated Bakery

Cannabis Delivery in Oceanside, CA

Oceanside, CA 92056

Why leave the comfort of your house, deal with the traffic, and the high price of gas to go to a dispensary when you can browse our menu, call/text us with any question you may have, and we bring your meds to you! We operate under compliance with Proposition 215 and CA Senate legislature. We strive to be your single direct source for safe & legal access to premium cannabis and edibles. We offer a quality menu ranging from premium flowers to medical/food-grade cannabis. If you wish to order, you simply need to get verified. You can call/text us at (760) 500-3364 and we can get you verified over the phone. We have a minimum donation of 50.00. We will try to be flexible as possible to accommodate busy schedules and will try to make our scheduled delivery window. For safety reasons drivers do not carry cash. Drivers carry only small amounts of medicine.50 DOLLAR MINIMUM DONATION. [...view full]


All orders get a Edible Cookie! 4g 1/8s 8g 1/4s!
RECEIVE A PUNCH CARD. Donation over $50 gets you a punch, 8 punches and you get a FREE 8th or concentrate of value!