Cannabis for Epilepsy

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Possible to probable range of efficacy of cannabis for treatment of epilepsy.
Based on 36 Studies from 1980 - 2018

Studies on Cannabis and Epilepsy

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Interactions Between Cannabidiol And Commonly Used Antiepileptic Drugs
In 39 adults and 42 children, CBD dose was started at 5 mg/kg/day and increased every 2 weeks by 5 mg/kg/day up to a maximum of 50 mg/kg/day. — 2017


Quality Of Life In Childhood Epilepsy In Pediatric Patients Enrolled In A Prospective, Open-label Clinical Study With Cannabidiol
A survey conducted on 48 caregivers of pediatric patients suffering form treatment-resistant epilepsy. — 2017


CBD-enriched Medical Cannabis For Intractable Pediatric Epilepsy: The Current Israeli Experience
Human trial conducted on 74 pediatric children with intractable epilepsy resistant to >7 antiepileptic drugs. — 2016


Cannabidiol In Patients With Treatment-resistant Epilepsy: An Open-label Interventional Trial
214 patients with severe treatment-resistant epilepsy. — 2016


Perceived Efficacy Of Cannabidiol-enriched Cannabis Extracts For Treatment Of Pediatric Epilepsy: A Potential Role For Infantile Spasms And Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS)
Parental survey conducted on 117 pediatric patients with epilepsy (including 53 with infantile spasms and LGS. — 2015


Drug–drug Interaction Between Clobazam And Cannabidiol In Children With Refractory Epilepsy.
A human trial conducted on 13 children with refractory epilepsy concomitantly taking clobazam and CBD. — 2015


Treatment With CBD In Oily Solution Of Drug-resistant Paediatric Epilepsies
18 children suffering from epileptic seizures who had no success with traditional pharmaceutical anti-seizure medications — 2005


Chronic Administration Of Cannabidiol To Healthy Volunteers And Epileptic Patients
Double-blind placebo controlled trial conducted on 15 patients suffering from epilepsy — 1980