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Scud is a Kyle kush man strawberry cough pollinated by a male diesel . Super sticky dense green beautiful buds

I have frequently purchased this product Squirt it bottle ..its been so far great for my Acworth Anxiety and Back issues...I'll keep you posted on the results as the weeks go by...

I'm a 42 year old female who have suffered from chronic back pain and anxiety and PTSD and PTSD in the form of a major panic attack and do not go away depression and anxiety has been a constant battl through our i All e did not have so I have a lot of life emsfatdimb

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It is a Cherry Pie/Urkle cross.

Uplifting CBD strain. Great for mornings. Tastes amazing out of desktop vape.

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I tried a pack of these and they didn't get me high no matter how many I ate. I typically get a nice high from 5-10mg, but no matter how many of these I tried (I went up to 5 at once, which should have been over 60mg) I never felt them even a little, no matter how long I waited. Meanwhile other brands I have one 10mg gummy and I have a high for several hours.

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Best sativa strain out there in my opinion

This is the only product that I have found that completely gets rid of physical symptoms from MS, I can think and have a clear head to function normally, without feeling too high or out of control. Please tell me where I can get this product I previously got it at the 420 store in Olympia, WA. Thanks, Cheryl

Don't drink all at once if you're a beginner. These things hit harder than edibles but last about half as long. My favorite weed product by far, tastes amazing.

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