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Taste like the name, heavy limoleen content, good for anxiolytic effect (anti anxiety), sleep if you are hyper vigilant , A bedtime strain

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Almost too sweet to take in, the Soothing Remedies Cherry syrup (24 ml dose/30.5 mg CBD) goes down with an slight menthol-like slight coolness. Body high sets in within 5 minutes, soothing and calming a tired bod after 6 hours of walking about a trade show. Head as clear as can be.

Exceptional taste, blueberry Flower smell. Very distinctive look , few other High Grade Medical have this combo of great euphoric, relaxing high .

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Master Cookies! And now a really schtinky batch only a month but Schmelly “ Cookies n Queen “

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Master Cookies is truly incredible and perfect for chronic pain and nighttime rest... I have a problem but it worked out well... my Master Cookies male crossed with my Queen of Soul and my Female Master Cookies producing seeds ... I have sprouted the Cookies n Queen.. it’s a month old literally 8-16-19. Master Cookies definitely is one of my favorite strains.

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I had more anxiety getting used to the bud, the first bud down, ya' know, well, my anxiety just vanished and. I am currently super stoned on this stuff, and it's a light body high it's kinda a weightless effect I feel my traps/neck and face tingling, sholders. So at first the mud in your eye effect was blunt, now it's adding creativity - mind effects like a chem-dog.

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Strong Medical strain. More of an afternoon/evening kind of plant. I will take this over most new strains nowadays. This is a consistent plant(appearance, flavor, scent).

This strain was bred by Johnny OG for OG Genetics

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