Le Shoppe

Le Shoppe

Cannabis Delivery in Palo Alto, CA

Palo Alto, CA 94304

Today: 10am-8pm

Le Shoppe is a not-for-profit medical cannabis collective. We provide safe, secure and affordable access to a wide variety of medications, including dried herbs, edibles, extracts, concentrates and accessories. Le Shoppe management strives to bring our members the highest quality medical grade cannabis at reasonable prices delivered to your door with the maximum level of discretion, privacy, safety and professionalism. Our collective is private and not open to the public through storefronts. All members receive a safe use orientation, which covers info about our collective, strain selection, dosages and methods of ingestion. There is no membership fee for our collective. [...view full]


5% off for preorders!
OUNCE DEALS: Gorilla Glue (fluffy) $200 (limited time)
Wax Surprise: $10 Snatch-n-go (could be up to 1 gram-Good Luck...what you may get, nobody knows)