Level Up Wellness Center

Level Up Wellness Center

Cannabis Delivery in Castro Valley, CA

Castro Valley, CA 94546

Today: 6:00am - 10pm

Call us at 707.303.0705. LEVEL -UP- WELLNESS CENTER is a collective of patients serving patients located in the East Bay. Our number one priority is customer service. You will leave our meet ups satisfied in every way with your experience. Our goal is to provide you with the best medicines at the fairest prices, all in the convenience of your desired location, with the most discreet and pleasant experience. We carry a well rounded inventory of Topicals, Edibles, Flowers, Concentrates including ‘space foam’, healthy snacks among many other unique culinary delights. Our goal is to grow into a facility in the East Bay that will have lounge space for our dispensary. The catch coming once recreational use passes. We will then shift the focus toward the gaming community ;) Medicate responsibly. And never forget to LEVEL UP! It’s our vision to "LEVEL UP" this delivery collective into a store front lounge that will focus on providing top entertainment services to the gaming community." [...view full]

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Good for all day. Helps me focus and get to work if need. Creative boost or a judgement relaxer. Still present with the world while nice and lifted.

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